Tears of Womanhood

Today I cried, not the tears I used as a child
But tears of a woman, who doesn’t know where to go
Life doesn’t come with a manual and for reasons such as so.
No one could have warned me
How would they be expected to know?
Life is life
And never can one person have all the answers
I’m just wondering if there’s some clues…
A playbook of sorts
If A then B, you know something you can break down analytically
This is something a college degree can’t make clearer
How to make someone see you as their bigger picture
Today I cried, but I’ll be alright
There’s a warrior within me that’s used to the fight.
I am down but I am not out
I am a woman who learns more and more what she’s about
So that’s where I end this
Crying my tears of womanhood
Waiting for my answered prayers of something good…..

About lifeofanangell

I'm a small town girl that's more than a few miles away from home, now living in the "big city". I've had more than my share of adventures, heartbreaks, and laughs. My life hasn't always been charmed, but I've always been an Angell! I don't promise it's always pretty, but it's always interesting!

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