Hello world!


Alright. Here goes nothing…..or everything! LOL. Not sure where to start, so I’ll share a bit of me via my poetry.  This one entitled “A New Day” and in more than one way, this indeed is just that for me…..

Sometimes love knocks you down
leaves you breathless
and then you wake up and realize you can’t breathe.
All that you have to give has been taken
There’s a fog so thick you can’t see
How did I get here?
How did this all happen?
Then like a scene in a movie the flashback begins….
A pretty little something enters
The clouds begin to form, but there’s so much sunshine it goes unnoticed
Then the sky opens up and it storms.
Rain, rain go away…
Except the rain is the very thing that brings a new day!
The sun shines bright, so bright on your face
You awake to realize even nightmares have an end.


About lifeofanangell

I'm a small town girl that's more than a few miles away from home, now living in the "big city". I've had more than my share of adventures, heartbreaks, and laughs. My life hasn't always been charmed, but I've always been an Angell! I don't promise it's always pretty, but it's always interesting!

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